Makenna is a contemporary alto with the training of a classical mezzo-soprano. Soulful, rich, powerful and clear, her voice has a warmth that is both soothing and soaring. Formal music education includes ten years of private voice lessons and a Bachelor of Arts in Vocal Performance from the University of Washington (2001), but she’s been singing as long as she can remember!

Makenna got her start soloing in school choirs and performing in local operatic and musical theatre stage productions (1995 - 2000). As a young woman, she moved to Los Angeles in 2003 to pursue a career in pop music, which she walked away from. And a few years later, she was guided to Santa Barbara, where she unexpectedly discovered her calling as a church music minister in 2008.

Her current calling is to empower the new generation through voice and presence coaching, as the founder of Star Jam Voice Academy. She is a consultant and contributing author for Mike Simon’s Music Teacher Network (MTN). And outside of teaching, her personal passion is food, wine and travel! Her first studio album, Into The Light, was released in 2013. Birthing Venus was released in 2017.

Makenna is the author and audio narrator of her book Keeper Of The Keys - 5 Keys Of The Soul To Life, Love & Beyond!