Song Selections For Your Listening Pleasure!

Billie Jean

Into the Light

My bluesy rendition of this famous cover is my personal favorite among ALL my studio recordings!

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

Into the Light

Did you know that Into The Light was recorded in Santa Barbara and funded entirely by a very dear friend? Now you know!

I’ll Never Love This Way Again

Birthing Venus

After releasing Into The Light, I did not originally set out to record a second album! Birthing Venus started out as a video documentary project. The idea was to shoot a behind-the-scenes video of me in the recording studio, which turned into my Birthing Venus album. A much larger project than I ever envisioned or intended!

God Bless America

Birthing Venus

Fun fact: I did all my own background vocals for the Birthing Venus album!


Birthing Venus

My pianist Jonathan Sindelman and I performed this song live together in concert back in 2013. It is a favorite because it really showcases his virtuosic ability on the keys. Therefore, we had to record it for Birthing Venus. It’s just that special!

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“Makenna begins to sing and from the very first note the room is instantly transformed. Not only is she gifted in making a wide range of vocal styles sound uniquely her own, but brings to every song a quality so transparent and nurturing that it becomes a testament to the unmistakable healing power of music. I’m honored to have collaborated with Makenna and in contribution to her musical vision.”

Jonathan Sindelman, Composer and Pianist, Los Angeles, CA