1. Teaches you how to breathe by expanding your lungs and engaging your diaphragm. Even non-singers should learn this important skill to oxygenate the body and release toxins. Your breath is the GENERATOR of your power and sound! Want to sing stronger, more beautiful phrases and project your voice? You NEED this skill set.
  2. Improve your poise, posture and confidence. Cultivate a truly radiant and authentic presence. In other words, gain a more captivating STAR QUALITY to light up any room or stage!
  3. Strengthen and use your vocal cords in a variety of ways! Learn to master adding more compression, wind (breathiness); vibrato or straight tone. Learn to access the full spectrum of your range and registers.
  4. Experience the various ways your voice can achieve a fabulous resonance! As an singer, you can “color your sound” with different vocal placements to get more brightness or warmth. This is also where slight adjustments can lift your pitch!
  5. Become a better, more engaging performer! In order to do this, you have to be emotionally available and connected. The best singers are the ones who draw you into their story or performance in a believable way. Their song interpretation channels an emotional quality that you can’t take your eyes (or ears) off. They dare to put themselves out there so the audience can FEEL something, too!